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Facebook is the most widely used social media platform and has a vast audience for businesses and brands.

2.29 billion daily active users are estimated, and 66% of Facebook users check their local business pages once a week.(Source: Hootsuite)

After Corona, a lot of individuals became accustomed to working from home, giving them flexibility and making the advertising industry more competitive.

In order to succeed in this game, you must develop your own strategy.

I’ll share the top ten tactics with you today that will boost your conversion rate.

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Table of content:


2.last blog post recap

3.what is Facebook marketing ?

4.10 Facebook marketing strategy in 2023 .


What is Facebook marketing?

To raise consciousness,To boost sales, Use Facebook’s platformto get leads for businesses or brands.

Facebook marketing is the practise of utilising Facebook to advertise goods or services to a larger audience.

It becomes no 1 priority for marketer to advertise their content.


1.know your audience :

Before beginning any sort of marketing, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

* who are your customer ?

* where do they live?

* what is there profession?

* what is their problem?

* How do you solve their problem?

* what is their age?

*How do you want to dhow them your solution ?

* when,how do they are online ?

* What do you Want by this marketing ?

If you are aware of the answers, you can develop a strategy for using your content to reach your audience.

Additionally, you may retarget marketing for the upcoming Champaign using Facebook page insight.

Data is the most valuable resource in marketing, therefore analyse it and make the greatest use of it.

2.Reply fast to comments and massages:

To connect with an audience, sentiment and relationship are crucial.

So, if you respond right away after asking, it will convey your brand’s reputation for being trustworthy and personable to the audience.

More engaging content is preferred by the Facebook algorithm. The greatest strategy to keep your content at the top of the stream is to encourage comments on it.

When you reply a comment , more people notice it and few will ask you another question thus your brand can be popular on Facebook.

Also people who are not your audience but see your comments and feel friendly ,good persona,

there can be possibility when do they need your product or service they can come to you.

3.change cover photo frequently:

Your cover photo should showcase your goods or services prior to a Champaign run or seasonal change.

When people visit your page, they may quickly understand your business or brand.

A seasonal cover photo will show your viewers that you are active and productive.

4. Use user generated content:

Ask your audience to provide video or photo comments regarding your goods or services.

First, get their consent before using it in your marketing.

Sometimes Use this feedback to improve your advertising or to add to your content to win the audience’s trust and make it authentic .

Additionally, by viewing same content regular audience become bored; therefore, it is a smart approach to stop boredom and increase brand loyalty.

When posting about your items on social media, ask your customers to use your brand hashtag.

Give them credit for their assistance and feedback on your products.

Use this feedback to inform consumers about goods or services, which will boost sales.

5.Use engaging photo :

Use photos while posting since it has been demonstrated that people prefer visual content compare to written stuff. WHEN CHOOSING A PHOTO FOR POSTING, BE CAREFUL.

Use photos with vibrant colours and landscapes, as well as memes, GIFs, user comments, and behind-the-scenes images to make your content more interesting.

also look at the most recent photo formats. For instance, you can creat a variety that is square, circular,

a photo with additional photos Such variations will offer your viewers a novel and refreshing experience.

6.Use video marketing :

local videos are more preferred by viewers over videos posted to YouTube.

Use engaging local video with customer reviews instead.

Add engaging captions,study shows , 85% Facebook video watched by sound off and 39% audience only see subtitle .

Create more relatable video content by leaving open-ended questions so that viewers would want to learn more.( source: hootsuite)

7. Use alternative engagement:

As an alternative to asking for likes, actively request feedback from your audience.

say something.Direct requests for likes and comments can give your brand a bad impression to Facebook’s algorithm, which will cause your content to appear lower in the newsfeed.

Always look for new ways to engage your audience in communication. To win over the audience and become their favourite, you must be relatable.

8.Use Top performing post for ads:

You can figure out which posts are receiving the most engagement by looking at your business page analytics.

You can use it often when setting ads because it is already interesting to viewers, increasing the likelihood that they will like it and be motivated to convert.

Use concise, informative wording in your advertisements. select a small target audience.

Ads shouldn’t run for longer than a week because repeatedly running the same ones can turn off viewers.

9. Reuse old post:

Use well-liked prior posts by switching up the format, but keep in mind that the identical content should not be reposted for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

Otherwise, the audience become bored.convert text to a different formet such as making it into a video, photo, audio, reel, story, or a question.

10.Content strategy:

Posting your material as a bundle, such as industry news on Saturday, business news on Sunday, product reviews on Monday, product tutorials on Tuesday, and new product promotion on Wednesday, is best.

Additionally, adhere to the classic content strategy rule particularly “3rd rule,” which states that the first portion of content should convey a story and the second and third parts should involve audience participation.

Also 80/20 rule: 80% of content educative, entertaining ,informative and 20% promotional content (source:Hootsuite)

Last but not least, here are the top 10 Facebook marketing strategies that will boost conversion in 2023. Hopefully, they will be useful to you as you develop your strategy.

Everything is changing due to the daily changes in technology, thus you need regularly alter your strategy.

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