D7# “7 easy steps of creating a website/blog site in 15 minutes !”

Creating a website/blog site in 15 minutes sounds impossible right? However, it can be constructed by going through 7 steps. Making a website is not that challenging.

You can make it yourself using these 6 steps, or you can hire someone to do it for you. To hire someone to make it for you, send an email to [email protected].

Anyone, professional or not, can purchase a website.If you are employed, you can publish on your website using your expertise and knowledge from the workplace.

This is the greatest area for you if you are a stay-at-home parent or want a flexible lifestyle with several sources of income.

Creating a website or a blogsite only in 15 minutes by following 7 easy steps

7 easy steps of creating website/blogsite in 15 minutes !!! @ www.digitalish9.com or,

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3.6 steps of creating a website in 15 minutes


7 steps to start website journey :

1# choose domain name:

creating a website’s initial step is Select a domain name that is appropriate for your website’s content.

so that visitors can easily understand the purpose of your website. Make a website for your portfolio using your own name.

Use the Namecheap domain name generator if you’re having trouble finding the appropriate domain name.

They will provide you a variety of options so you can pick the best one once you specify the niche on which you want to create a website.

Go here: https://bit.ly/3zPmISU

2# Domain registration:

Go to the website dreamhost.com and Enter your domain name in the search bar to see if it is available. Select any domain you want to add with your domain name, if it is accessible.

You can purchase this domain for a period of 1, 2, or 3 years, and you can renew it when it expires.

Making a website is not for one day use , for successful in your website journey needs time . so pick a domain that is 2 or 3 years long to save money. Additionally, each time the domain’s expiration date approaches, it will be renewed.

For domain registration go here www.dreamhost.com

Namecheap also provide domain registration at reasonable price . For detail go here https://bit.ly/3zPmISU

3# Hosting Registration:

After registering your domain, add it to a hosting package. Visit dreamhost.com to see their three hosting options. Dreampress, shared, and VPS

When you first start a website, shared hosting is a wonderful choice for you. Later, when your website grows, you can switch to another hosting package.

They provide monthly and annual payment plans, allowing you to purchase hosting for as little as 1 month or for as long as 3 years, with the option to renew after the initial term has expired.

To register hosting go here www.dreamhost.com

4# wordpress installation:

After setting up your DNS connection, navigate to your hosting cPanel where WordPress is located.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS). You don’t need to know any code because everything is ready to go.

Install WordPress by clicking the button. Select your admin name, provide your admin email address that is constantly accessible, and remember your password.

You must proceed from this point and make a note of your WordPress installation details since you will need them later.

you can also install wordpress in your device for easy access . www.wordpress.org

5# Theme selection:

Pick a theme that is relevant to your specialty. Visit the theme section to find both free and paid themes.

Choose one of these, then select it and add it to your website. However, a free theme is a wonderful starting point, preferably for a blog website.

Paid themes, however, may be the best choice for business websites because they offer more functions .

6# Use Website builder :

Use Elementor.It is the most popular website builder. It has all that need to make an excellent website or blog.

Page create,edit,image,video,audio add,link add, landing page to ecommerce store all types website,blogsite it built .

Go and use it https://bit.ly/3ZzmVnL

7# content creation:

It’s time to start creating content for your newly constructed website. Begin creating contents regularly,

Be patient, try to create contents in every week on four or five days, but if you’re short on time, you can make a decision based on your flexibility.

At first, it could be challenging to keep going, but perseverance is required.

Create a timetable for this specific day in the week, write it down, and adhere to it every week. By doing this, it will naturally become a habit for you, making it easier for you moving forward.

If it becomes really hard for you email @ [email protected] to write on your niche.

Lastly to say that creating a website or blog is a intellectual choice. As times advances scopr of earning adding accordingly. One of the emerging sources of income that can use several income streams is having a website or blog.

Always, start a website for long run , be persistent ,make good helpful content .

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“7 easy steps creating website/blogsite in 15 minutes!!!” https://digitalish9.com/2023/04/04/d7-7-easy-steps-of-creating-a-website-blog-site-in-15-minutes/

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