#D27″How a teenager Earned $100,000 in One Month with Dropshipping”

Do you want to earn 100000$ per month by dropshipping? Do you know how to get it and where this dropshipping done ?

It’s most common nowadays and you see it in many ecommerce store . Many people including teenagers earn 6 figure monthly and few of them earn these in just a week.

Ebay etsy are popular and most of these store owner are young ,teenerger. Best of dropshipping is you can start with nearly no money and live your dream life with flexibility .

In this blog post you will know how you can make 6 figure earning monthly by dropshipping in step by step and also will get some bullet tricks to success in dropshipping.

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2)previous post recap

3)what is dropshipping?

4)How to start dropshipping ?

5)How teenagers make 100000$ by dropshipping ?

6)bullet tricks for dropshipping bussiness success


🗯What is dropshipping?

This is the bussiness model I which by using your website or store you can sell any supplier products to your customer and after sell you will get commission on % . You can get these products with o investment usually .

👉How to start dropshipping?

To start dropshipping bussiness you need follow 5 steps and continue it with many test and trial to get desired result of accomplish goal.

1)Select niche:

Everyone have passion for something right ? So must be you also have and you can follow it when selecting your bussiness niche.

All bussiness need time and when you work with your favourite one you will not tired ,you will enjoy it that’s why it will be easy for you to pass journey to achieve success .

Remember your passion niche should be relatable and helpful for others and you need to find out how your niche can add value to others need.

Or, if you are someone who do not own passion then you can start with product which are related to daily needs of customers .

2)Get your bussiness registration:

To start bussiness legally trade licence must . It will not only give you support legally but also it will help you to get good impression when you promote your product .

Also supplies do priority to them who have legit licence . For long time bussiness growth its mandatory .

You can get it within 2/3 days and some region may be 7 days. Trade licence cost vary with type of bussiness.As you are doing online you will get it in less cost .

3)Make your own website:

As you are starting a online bussiness you need to have your website to showcase products and that is the main place or office like offline bussiness for your customers .

To create website you need hosting ,domain, website development and design and all you can get in cheap price from namecheap.

Go here when you need to open your website – https://namecheap.pxf.io/daa0y7

4)sourcing products and suppliers:

1 of three mandatory parts of dropped is finding suppliers on your niche . Wholesale, manufacture usually you will get in Google not facebook ,

in Facebook retail bussiness sourcing good but when you need bulk buy sell with legit suppliers then in Google search you will get those suppliers detail.

You need to go personally to each supplier and compare theire price and offers . In Alibaba you will get easily all wholesale suppliers, manufacturer and compare them, everything in one platform.


Now you have niche,website,supplier,products so now its time for advertising these products to customers.

You can start with organic marketing by advertising on social media. Facebook is charming option fir getting customers as you know Facebook us the biggest social media platform.

All types people are there and As your product will go for big population there are more possibilities of conversion and your brand awareness will increase.

You need follow strategies and testing multiple times what work . Repeat this until get result.

♡ How teenergers make 100000$ per month by dropshipping?

Anyone can do dropshipping bussiness like teenerger you also can make 100000$ monthly but it will need time,patience.

Few get it within 1 years and few get within 6/7 years as I mention before testing strategies what works to know.

When you get that point now you can make as you want by promoting to those big audiences who are looking for your products .

Choose a high ticket products and sale 100 per month . suppose If one products you get 1000$ comission for 1000 products you will get 100000$. That’s simple make a target to sell high ticket high comissions products and work on it .

At the beginning you will not get much sell but with passion and time your scenery will change.

♤Bullet tricks to dropshipping bussiness success:

*Success in short time comes with choosing right thing in right time so after choose niche find out which popular hot selling,high demand , check it fro.

* Amazon today deal,repurchase and also check Facebook, Instagram which products people engaging most, if any product post within 1 day get more than 10 comments then its good choice of products. Select few products and market .

*Check what other seller like you doing to sell those products . Follow them how they make high sell and try to be better than this. Theire ads posting look like,theire hashtag that should recheck and get inspiration do better.

Now you know what is dropshipping and how to do it .so test and try with strategies and do it until get your desire success.

If you like this post and interested to get started on dropshipping or if you are already dropshiper do comment below . Or just say hi .

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