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{Digital marketing}

1.Facebook page set up : simple digital logo, cover photo, website integration, automated massage, free 10 post design, free 10 post creation, description, contact, massenger add, whatsapp add.-100$

2.Facebook marketing :

#Basic- 1 post per day weekly 2 day 2 Facebook group marketing per month.-30$

# Standard-2 post per day weekly 3 days 3 facebook group marketing per month.-80$

# Premium- 5 post per day weekly 5 days 5 groups facebook marketing per month.-150$

3.Facebook boosting

# Simple- 4 post boosting including 30 days management per month – 250$

# complex- 6 post boosting including 30 dats management per month.- 350$

# compound- 8 post boosting including 30 days ads management per month.- 400$

4.Facebook ads Champaign

#Basic- 2 post 2 days per month with 30 days ads management ,keyword research,champaign set up . – 300$ 1 time and 15% of ads budjet monthly

#Standard- 3 post 3 days Monthly with 30 days ads management , keyword research champaign set up.- 350$ 1 time and 10% of ads budjet monthly

#premium- 5 post per month with 30 days ads management,post design for champaign ,analytics,Ads Report,keyword research,champaign set up.-450$ and 8% of ads budjet monthly

5.social media marketing:

# on schedule

# Facebook *Instagram *Pinterest, *Twitter,*trumblar marketing,

√basic plan – per day 1 post marketing any 1 social media sites for 30 days – 100$

√ standard plan- per day 2 post marketing on 2 social media sites fir 30 days.-300$

√ premium plan- per day 5 post marketing on preferable social media sites for 30 days.Provide 10 Post design . -550$

# monthly marketing plan.

6.social media management :

# Basic plan- Facebook page ,Facebook group management . on Shedule posting, comment, massage Reply.Weekly 2 days. Monthly Service.-250$

#standard plan- Facebook page,Facebook group, Instagram, accounts management or any choosen social media account management weekly 3 days. on Shedule posting , comment, massage Reply, community management. Monthly service.-3500$

# premium plan- Facebook page,group Instragram , pinterest, twitter, trumlar accounts management. on Shedule posting, comment and massage , post design,reel,shorts. Weekly 5 days. Monthly service.-5000$

7. Instragram ads champaing

#Basic- 2 post 8 days Monthly ads champaign.-300$ 1 time+ 15% ads budjet monthly

#Standard-3 post 12 days Monthly ads champaign.-800$ 1 time + 10% ads budjet monthly

# premium- 4 post 20 days Monthly ads champaign. post design for champaign. Analytics and Ads Report.-2000$ 1 time + 8% ads budjet monthly

8. Affiliate marketing : Any legal non toxic, non non harmful product or, services affliate marketing we provide.For collaboration email contact @digitalish9.com

Digital marketing services for sell.

Digital marketing


1.keyword Research:

For SEO we can provide 100 Keyword research monthly.-30$

2.on page sEo:

1# basic: Meta description,H1,H2,H3 tags,title optimization .-50$

2#standard:Image optimization,Meta description,title optimization,H1,H2,H3, tags.-300$

3# premium: 10 page optimized, 10 keyword research,Title optimization,meta descriptions, H1,H2,H3 tags-500$


1.Blog writing:

200-400 words per day. SEO Friendly Writing-150$

2.Article writing:

200-400 words per day. Writes in multiple niches-100$

3.social media post writing:

1# basic-monthly 10 posting with post design. -30$
2#standard-monthly 20 posting with post design.- 50$

3#premium-monthly 30 post with post design .-100$

4.Ecommerce product description writing:

1# basic- 1 title per product, 1 product description , 1 time revision, 100 words product description,delivery in 3 days- 30$

2#standard: 3 product description,1 title per product, 1 time revision,100 words product description.Delivery in 5 days.-80$

3# premium:5 product descriptions,1 title per prouct,1 time revision,100 words product description . Delivery in 10 days . – 150$

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