D2# γ€Š3 content writing trends you should follow to success in 2023 》

3 content writing trends you should follow to success in 2023 as Online world is dominated by contents either written or audio,video any types of contents and The base of all these contents is content writing .

For contents writers main point to think before writing is connection with audience .

so, to be more connected with audience best practice is to remain updated on trends and follow trends.

3 content writing trends you should follow 2023 @ www.digitalish9.com @ digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/γ€Š3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》

In previous episode I wrote about 7 top trends of digital marketing and today write about content writing trends in 2023 .

I do research on content writing trends in 2023 and found 3 content writing top trends that seems to me very effective to be successful in 2023.

As a part of digital world you should find out ways that can attach you to your audience more effectively and trends,updates are those ways that will give your audience feel of connection .

1)Renovation of contents:

video content renovate from text content @ digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/γ€Š3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/γ€Š3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》

As a content writer have you checked how many contents you wrote in past ? Your audience may be searching your contents but do not they’re missing anything?

New year brings new trends, new technologies many more so everything change updated. And you should also update your old contents and give a new-look so that your audience do not missing anything and get everything they want from your content.This way your audience reliability on you will increase.

You can update your contents by rewriting with new updates or changing formats such as eye Cathy writing email ,short video of these contents ,podcast or audio, engaging post creation with these contents on social media and add question answer session in these formats to be more engaging .

You should keep in mind that Your updated written contents should not be place as it is , it should be adjustable to your new formats.

This new edition will increase your new audience and can add more revenue.

2)Series of writing:

Have you noticed TV serial,Web series or film how they engaged with audience and make them more attached and regularly this audience watch these shows ?

It must say they are the best content creator .

Don’t you want to be like them to make an idle regular audience who follow your contents ?

First you need to choose a topic that your audience like most .

If you Look at TV serials you will found that their story is related to our lives , emotion ,all about us so when we watch these serials as an audience we easily relate with this,

we feel that we are in this TV screen and it’s showing our story so your contents should be like this so that your audience can feel as it is for them and come to you when they want to know anything on your topic .

Creates contents similar to TV serials episode and in starting give some idea about previous episode .

Also can add what will be your next episode about. In this way, Your contents will be like regular TV serial and your audience will read your contents in next episode and you will get your regular idle audience .

3)Micro niche:

Another new trends on content writing is writing on micro niche . Writing haphazard on many topics can make audience confused about your contents so you can write on micro topic in 2023 and this will increase your audience engagement and reduce stress .

Affiliate writing is popular as a micro niche. You have many options for revenue in writing affiliate micro niche.

But when you write on a selective micro topic you should try to write more quality informative contents and you should be a place for expert option on this topic .

drones,skincare,personal finance these are Hot micro niche.

You can try on. Keep on eye in our blog I will write elaborately on this topic in any later episodes .

There are many updates on content writing in 2023 but few seems to me must try so these 3 contents writing trends in 2023 hopefully give you more insight to make your content more qualityful and become successful audience fan content writer in 2023.

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