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7 Top digital marketing trends you must know in 2023 @


Infographic of  7 digital marketing trends in 2023

7 top digital marketing trends you must know to go with flow as digital marketing changing every day. For you as a digital marketer it is must know what is trending and what can be near future trends as it will give more connection to customers network.

By researching on digital marketing trends in 2023 I found 7 top trends that you must know . So, let’s jump to that trends!

1)smart speaker:

In market there are many types smart speakers you can use them as marketing tools by adding your brands so when customer ask for suggestion on this smart speaker it can suggest you and must add your contact detail there .

In this way customer will be able to contact you manually . Most common use smart speakers such as Alexa , you can try.

According to Statista, by 2023 global smart speaker market projected to 200 million unites and it will increase in future years. Source: Statista

(Smart speaker Source: https://amzn.to/3lcW7vt)

2.voice search:

voice searching on Google or YouTube becoming more popular day by day.

Customer like to search by asking on Google or YouTube and as a marketer you should take this chance to present your brand on top in searching .

Use long tail keyword on your contents for optimizing your contents and that will give more chance to be ahead during showing in search results .

According to Google data,27% global voice search from mobile in US 58.6% consumers voice search . Source: google

3)You tube shorts:

customer like to get information in short duration and YouTube shorts is best for this. Maximum 1 minutes videos you can make to show your brands to huge customers.

But always keep in mind that all your contents should be more engaging and attractive . YouTube us one of oldest place than TikTok so , it has more reach to people and less restriction .

So you can put your contents more easily .

According to Statista, 1.5 billion people logged-in user using YouTube shorts monthly and 30 billion shorts views daily.

Source: Statista

https://youtube.com/shorts/YaCZ6uh3218?feature=share or, WWW.digitalish9.com/7-top-digital-marketing-trends-you-must-

4)Ai chatbot:

Nowadays most of the brands use Chatbot for replying customer . It gives more connection to many customers in at a same time.

During giving information to Chatbot always think about customer first So that customer can get information without any hurdles.

This Chatbot can act as a customer service assistant of your brand.

5)User generated content creation:

customer like to take part in activities like quiz,games,polls .

You can offer customer an opportunity to participate in Content creation by using your product or service and give them a gift as discount or free offer or makes a lottery and ask them to post on your website .

Thus way , you can get more customer Trustworthiness and also user who creates these contents will like to share in their network so you will get more reach with less cost.

6)Influencer marketing:

Influencer are more connected to customers by sharing their regular contents on their niche .

All influencers have solid customer base on their niche so by connecting with right influencer you can reach solid customers on your niche and it will build trust to your brands and products or services will sell automatically and your website searching will increase .

You can also use your backlink to influencer website to indirectly get more customers .

Nowadays AI helps to detect right influencer for right brands . You can try this for the best result

7)Augmented Reality in digital marketing:

Augmented reality become more popular in digital marketing . So,what is Augmented reality? It is an intersection between real world physical product and computer generated perception.

By using AR on real world product you can see how thus real world product look like when ace in this perception .

So , it will give good user experience . Many brands following thus trends such as sneakers, IKEA furniture’s.

(Sneaker Source: https://a.co/d/2Imrb )

(IKEA FURNITURE source: https://a.co/d/en5BsV8)

These 7 top digital marketing trends you must know for a successful year . AR,AI these sectors are improving daily so using these updated trends you are one step ahead on digital marketing.

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