D5# “10 best Facebook marketing strategy that will increase more conversion in 2023 “

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Facebook marketing strategy in 2023 @

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform and has a vast audience for businesses and brands.

2.29 billion daily active users are estimated, and 66% of Facebook users check their local business pages once a week.(Source: Hootsuite)

After Corona, a lot of individuals became accustomed to working from home, giving them flexibility and making the advertising industry more competitive.

In order to succeed in this game, you must develop your own strategy.

I’ll share the top ten tactics with you today that will boost your conversion rate.

In previous post , “ I do share about 7 top micro niches that can make your blog site a money making machine in 2023 “ check out this


Table of content:


2.last blog post recap

3.what is Facebook marketing ?

4.10 Facebook marketing strategy in 2023 .


What is Facebook marketing?

To raise consciousness,To boost sales, Use Facebook’s platformto get leads for businesses or brands.

Facebook marketing is the practise of utilising Facebook to advertise goods or services to a larger audience.

It becomes no 1 priority for marketer to advertise their content.


1.know your audience :

Before beginning any sort of marketing, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

* who are your customer ?

* where do they live?

* what is there profession?

* what is their problem?

* How do you solve their problem?

* what is their age?

*How do you want to dhow them your solution ?

* when,how do they are online ?

* What do you Want by this marketing ?

If you are aware of the answers, you can develop a strategy for using your content to reach your audience.

Additionally, you may retarget marketing for the upcoming Champaign using Facebook page insight.

Data is the most valuable resource in marketing, therefore analyse it and make the greatest use of it.

2.Reply fast to comments and massages:

To connect with an audience, sentiment and relationship are crucial.

So, if you respond right away after asking, it will convey your brand’s reputation for being trustworthy and personable to the audience.

More engaging content is preferred by the Facebook algorithm. The greatest strategy to keep your content at the top of the stream is to encourage comments on it.

When you reply a comment , more people notice it and few will ask you another question thus your brand can be popular on Facebook.

Also people who are not your audience but see your comments and feel friendly ,good persona,

there can be possibility when do they need your product or service they can come to you.

3.change cover photo frequently:

Your cover photo should showcase your goods or services prior to a Champaign run or seasonal change.

When people visit your page, they may quickly understand your business or brand.

A seasonal cover photo will show your viewers that you are active and productive.

4. Use user generated content:

Ask your audience to provide video or photo comments regarding your goods or services.

First, get their consent before using it in your marketing.

Sometimes Use this feedback to improve your advertising or to add to your content to win the audience’s trust and make it authentic .

Additionally, by viewing same content regular audience become bored; therefore, it is a smart approach to stop boredom and increase brand loyalty.

When posting about your items on social media, ask your customers to use your brand hashtag.

Give them credit for their assistance and feedback on your products.

Use this feedback to inform consumers about goods or services, which will boost sales.

5.Use engaging photo :

Use photos while posting since it has been demonstrated that people prefer visual content compare to written stuff. WHEN CHOOSING A PHOTO FOR POSTING, BE CAREFUL.

Use photos with vibrant colours and landscapes, as well as memes, GIFs, user comments, and behind-the-scenes images to make your content more interesting.

also look at the most recent photo formats. For instance, you can creat a variety that is square, circular,

a photo with additional photos Such variations will offer your viewers a novel and refreshing experience.

6.Use video marketing :

local videos are more preferred by viewers over videos posted to YouTube.

Use engaging local video with customer reviews instead.

Add engaging captions,study shows , 85% Facebook video watched by sound off and 39% audience only see subtitle .

Create more relatable video content by leaving open-ended questions so that viewers would want to learn more.( source: hootsuite)

7. Use alternative engagement:

As an alternative to asking for likes, actively request feedback from your audience.

say something.Direct requests for likes and comments can give your brand a bad impression to Facebook’s algorithm, which will cause your content to appear lower in the newsfeed.

Always look for new ways to engage your audience in communication. To win over the audience and become their favourite, you must be relatable.

8.Use Top performing post for ads:

You can figure out which posts are receiving the most engagement by looking at your business page analytics.

You can use it often when setting ads because it is already interesting to viewers, increasing the likelihood that they will like it and be motivated to convert.

Use concise, informative wording in your advertisements. select a small target audience.

Ads shouldn’t run for longer than a week because repeatedly running the same ones can turn off viewers.

9. Reuse old post:

Use well-liked prior posts by switching up the format, but keep in mind that the identical content should not be reposted for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

Otherwise, the audience become bored.convert text to a different formet such as making it into a video, photo, audio, reel, story, or a question.

10.Content strategy:

Posting your material as a bundle, such as industry news on Saturday, business news on Sunday, product reviews on Monday, product tutorials on Tuesday, and new product promotion on Wednesday, is best.

Additionally, adhere to the classic content strategy rule particularly “3rd rule,” which states that the first portion of content should convey a story and the second and third parts should involve audience participation.

Also 80/20 rule: 80% of content educative, entertaining ,informative and 20% promotional content (source:Hootsuite)

Last but not least, here are the top 10 Facebook marketing strategies that will boost conversion in 2023. Hopefully, they will be useful to you as you develop your strategy.

Everything is changing due to the daily changes in technology, thus you need regularly alter your strategy.

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D4# “7 Top micro niches that can make your blogsite a money making machine in 2023 “

7 Top micro niches that can make your website a money making machine in 2023 @ https://digitalish9.com/2023/03/24/7-top-micro-niches-that-can-make-your-blogsite-a-money-making-machine-in-2023/
7 Top micro niches @ https://digitalish9.com/2023/03/24/7-top-micro-niches-that-can-make-your-blogsite-a-money-making-machine-in-2023/

7 Top micro niches in 2023 that can make your blog site a money making machine and boom your blogging carrier . But how?

As you may already be aware, blogging is a well-known side gig these days, but it may be difficult to keep readers interested consistanly because there are so many different topics covered and there are so many different types of readers. More people are turning to micro specialty blogging for this reason to give most specific reading experience .

In previous post I did discuss 3 future technology that will dominate next digital marketing world. As technology advance daily so we need to update ourselves always . So if you want to read this .

Visit : https://bit.ly/42wjzEI

After doing some research, I came up with 7 top micro niche blog ideas that can turn your blog into a cash cow and serve as a lucrative side business. Let’s begin, then.

After doing some research, I came up with 7 top micro niche blog ideas that can turn your blog into a money making machine and serve as a lucrative side business. Let’s begin, then.

Table of content :


2.7 micro niches

2.1.gratitude and self-improvement

2.2.outdoor lifestyle

2.3.Food recopy

2.4.Real Estate Investment

2.5.Dating advice


2.7.Dog training


What is micro niches?

A micro niche is a subset of a large niche. such as marketing, of which offline and online marketing are micro specialisations. Similar to this every specialty has numerous subniches. To create a highly profitable micro niche, select any niche based on supply and demand as well as your interests.

1) Gratitude and self improvement:

To lead a happy, calm life, it is crucial to practise both self-improvement and gratitude for what you already have. Self-improvement includes progress in one’s body, mind, productivity, finances, and spirit.

you can start a blog about yoga and meditation for spiritual calmness. The best methods for physical improvement include exercise, a healthy diet, and fitness. You can try these micro topic to create your blog .

As life becomes more complicated over time, mental health problems also become more prevalent; for this reason, you can write something that will be helpful to individuals in need, especially if you have a background in mental health.

You can write about how to be energetics and happy with little things that can support those going through difficult circumstances. Therefore, you can make someone smile by sharing some basic supporting tips or ideas without much expertise.

You can write on a variety of skills for productivity that will provide in-depth knowledge of the subject to readers who are interested in learning more.Financial development, you can write about financial advice, saving, and investing.

2)outdoor lifestyle:

You can write about the lifestyles of school, collage, university, office-going, new mothers, or mountain hikers and travellers to discuss what they should pack for a trip and how to maintain their strength and health while outdoors.

Any additional care can be taken with outdoor clothing, cosmetics, food, etc. Additionally, you can recommend affiliate products on these blogs to earn extra money.

Or, just creates a list of the best furniture selections and outdoor furniture arranging advice such as What time of day is ideal for sitting outside.

If you live in a warm climate, carry water with you whenever you are outside, dress comfortably in loose clothing, and eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Keep additional clothing, food, sunglasses, and warm water on hand for colder climates.

3)Food recepi:

There are several food varieties and recipe types in the world, making it simple to create a blog about any favourite dish, such as coconut, which may be made into pie, juice, or coconut.

Ethnic food includes dishes from India, China, Mexico, the Middle East, and Italy. You can write recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, for each of these special dishes. Recipes without gluten are in high demand right now.

Few individuals are looking for a healthy diet and few have gluten intolerance, thus you can create recipes on this. Thus, the meal will include elements of the paleo, keto, and Whole30 diets. There are currently fewer people working on vegan recipes for vegetarians, but you can still try them.

Dessert recipes are everyone’s favourites; here, you can share recipes for little micro-niches of cake, pie, pastries, and cookies.This new cuisine and accessories is popular.

So you are free to post any recipe you prepared in the instant pot.You can try recepi for green smoothies since it is in a mini-micro-niche and offers lots of opportunity for success.These are a few prominent niches for food blogging.

If you like to write on food then you can try these micro food recipe niches.


4) Dating advice:

People look for advice whenever a life event occurs, so you have scope here , but keep in mind that you should never provide counsel to someone who is older than you.

Select a demographic for whom you wish to write.For example, you might offer advice on love, breakups, and guidance to teenagers.

Advice on how to have a happy marriage, a happy life, how to have a more sweetness in marriage, and when to plan for having children might be given to newlyweds.

If you are older than 30, you can write about your experiences in a way that will benefit someone else.

Marital counselling for seniors, love advise for those over 40, How to prevent divorce in a marriage,What will the effects of late’s marriage be, and how can one find the proper mate after age 40?

People of this age frequently have these kinds of questions on their minds, so put yourself in their position and offer your best counsel.

Sharing these on your microblog will increase your credibility, traffic, and income. source(bloggerspassion.com)

5) Real Estate investment:

Who doesn’t dream of having their own home? Everyone desires this, but it requires a significant financial investment so making secure investments necessary.

The best house that every buyer of real estate wants is also within budget. Real estate investment has a variety of mini micro-niches, including first-time buyers, luxury, architectural, eco-friendly, commercial, resort, and vacation houses.

Among these, premium properties, eco-friendly properties, and first-time buyers need greater marketing to attract target purchasers. In comparison to hotels, vacation homes, and commercial properties, this industry is a little colder. Eco-friendly is one of these that is growing and has a promising future.

You might select this niche if you want to develop a blog that benefits you in the long run. Otherwise, a vacation home or resort is perfect for blogging.

As ,You know the greatest tourist destinations where you live, so you have good opportunities here to use this topic as micro niche blog, you can start with doing research their resort selling prices, rental prices, and information on these properties’ specifications and advantages with everything you have. Source (xara.com)

6) Drone:

As an emerging industry, drones will gain good position in the long run. On drone topic you can select micro niche as drone cameras, and professional drones, you can create a micro-niche site and engage in affiliate marketing.

Drones are updated constantly, so to stay in tune with technology affiliate blogging, you must devote more time and effort to learning. Source (axiomalfa.com)

7) Dog training :

All dog-related activities are included in dog training.You can select any little micro niche within these, including dog training for busy owners, couple training, family focus dog training, professional training like army or police training, age, breed, and play with owner.

Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets, and eveyone like them . so these niches blogs are in high demand. Source(visydogtrainingacademy.com)

Lastly to say that , I am sharing here best top 7 micro niches that can make your blog site a money making machine and what seems to me very profitable .

However, if you want more specific micro-niches, comment below and I’ll give you a list of 15 that might work for you. When choosing a niche, ask you first Do this create any value to readers life ? Or do reader need it ? And how excited are you to write in this topic?

Do you have sufficient knowledge or skills in this field? If you enjoy writing in any field, being consistent will help you succeed.

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7 Top micro niches @ https://digitalish9.com/2023/03/24/7-top-micro-niches-that-can-make-your-blogsite-a-money-making-machine-in-2023/

D3# “3 future technology that will dominate next digital marketing world”

3 future technology that will dominate next digital marketing world @ www.digitalish9.com

3 future technology that can increase your ROI. World changing daily simultaneously technology emerging on rocket speed .

modern technology is part and parcel in our daily lives.

As marketers, we are constantly very interested in learning about current and emerging trends.that we can adhere to improve ourselves while maintaining our present lead.

As a marketer, I’ve brought up a few new technologies that are currently trending and will continue to grow in the future.

By utilising those technologies, you can create significant prospects.

In my previous blog I do discuss content writing trends which is most important for content marketing .

< You can read here> :


Three emerging technologies will rule the future of digital marketing, and as a marketer, you should be aware of them and keep up with these new branches throughout the coming year.

1》Artificial intelligence (AI) :

It is a technology that enables machines and computers to produce intelligence and behaviour that are similar to those of humans. Syndelltech.com ( source)

What is artificial intelligence?

It can be a helpful hand in digital marketing to make work more efficient, better, and raise effectiveness.

AI may assist with scheduling posts, creating posts, acting as a customer service agent, and providing rapid responses, increasing consumer engagement and trustworthiness.

ChatGPT, introduced by Open AI, is used for chatting and offers assistance with everything from website design to copywriting. Engaging content for ads that is data driven Champaign.

AI gathers information on website visitors based on their actions and buying patterns, which produce leads.

In order to optimise and enhance the likelihood that a product or service will appear in voice search results, ai uses the data it gathers from voice searches.

As a result, ai may assist with social media management, customer support, SEO, and many other tasks.

Therefore, in the coming months and years, attempt to follow these emerging AI branches.

2》Augmented Reality (AR) :

Yet another new technology are augmented and virtual reality.We discovered augmented reality technology last year, which will be more useful moving forward. Customers will be able to see how a real physical goods would seen when placed in a virtual environment thanks to augmented reality (AR). Thus, presumably, the application of augmented reality will grow in virtual store tours and customer contact.

Due to the immersive nature of AR, customers who had no intention of purchasing make a commitment to do so.

Additionally, it fosters an emotional connection with the customer, making AR marketing more compelling and effective than traditional marketing strategies.

Utilised in Netflix and HBO In particular, the House of Dragon: dracARys app, which enables every user to breed a miniature egg-shaped dragon at home. Create.vista.com ( source)

Research study by fact and factors (sources ), shows that ,

the demand for global augmented reality market size and share,

in terms if revenue was valued 15.2 billion$ in 2021 and

it is expected to surpass 90.8 billion $ mark by 2028 .

Growing at compound annual growing rate CAGR of about 31.5% from 2022 to 2028 .

3》Big Data analytics :

What is big data ?

The digital world is full of data, which are managed and stored. Some of these data are important, while others are not.

|There are 4vs in big data .|

1. Volume: which simply mean quantity of data , 2.variety: which means different types of data.

3.Velocity: which mean speed of data receiving and storing.

4.veracity: which means relevant or irrelevant data detection or authenticity.

So how big data relate digital marketing ?

Digital marketing uses customer data to inform decision-making and marketing strategy.

so, data analytics are constantly needed for advertising. You can learn about your target audience by using software that collects data on their demographics, needs, personalities, behaviours, and interests.

After learning about the target audience, it is necessary to dig deeper into the user experience of that audience.

This can be done by analysing the data the target audience has provided.Thus, a customised marketing strategy can be developed.

You can design any offer or offer a discount by leveraging information about the target audience’s purchasing behaviour.

By utilising this data on social media, marketing is most frequently done online.You may learn about consumer demand, brand perception, and enhance marketing in Champaign.

Utilising data will allow you to evaluate the results of your investment in Champaign and identify any areas that require improvement.

Your digital marketing will increase naturally if you make decisions that are data-driven. Venturebeat.com ( source)

Lastly to say, Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality,Big Data analytics

these are 3 future technology that have just starting ,

but it will go beyond so designing digital marketing by using these will make you more advanced.

3 technology that will dominate next digital marketing world @ www.digitalish9.com

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3 future technology that will dominate next digital marketing world

D2# 《3 content writing trends you should follow to success in 2023 》

3 content writing trends you should follow to success in 2023 as Online world is dominated by contents either written or audio,video any types of contents and The base of all these contents is content writing .

For contents writers main point to think before writing is connection with audience .

so, to be more connected with audience best practice is to remain updated on trends and follow trends.

3 content writing trends you should follow 2023 @ www.digitalish9.com @ digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/《3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》

In previous episode I wrote about 7 top trends of digital marketing and today write about content writing trends in 2023 .

I do research on content writing trends in 2023 and found 3 content writing top trends that seems to me very effective to be successful in 2023.

As a part of digital world you should find out ways that can attach you to your audience more effectively and trends,updates are those ways that will give your audience feel of connection .

1)Renovation of contents:

video content renovate from text content @ digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/《3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》digitalish9.com/2023/03/19/《3-content-writing-trends-you-should-follow-to-success-in-2023-》

As a content writer have you checked how many contents you wrote in past ? Your audience may be searching your contents but do not they’re missing anything?

New year brings new trends, new technologies many more so everything change updated. And you should also update your old contents and give a new-look so that your audience do not missing anything and get everything they want from your content.This way your audience reliability on you will increase.

You can update your contents by rewriting with new updates or changing formats such as eye Cathy writing email ,short video of these contents ,podcast or audio, engaging post creation with these contents on social media and add question answer session in these formats to be more engaging .

You should keep in mind that Your updated written contents should not be place as it is , it should be adjustable to your new formats.

This new edition will increase your new audience and can add more revenue.

2)Series of writing:

Have you noticed TV serial,Web series or film how they engaged with audience and make them more attached and regularly this audience watch these shows ?

It must say they are the best content creator .

Don’t you want to be like them to make an idle regular audience who follow your contents ?

First you need to choose a topic that your audience like most .

If you Look at TV serials you will found that their story is related to our lives , emotion ,all about us so when we watch these serials as an audience we easily relate with this,

we feel that we are in this TV screen and it’s showing our story so your contents should be like this so that your audience can feel as it is for them and come to you when they want to know anything on your topic .

Creates contents similar to TV serials episode and in starting give some idea about previous episode .

Also can add what will be your next episode about. In this way, Your contents will be like regular TV serial and your audience will read your contents in next episode and you will get your regular idle audience .

3)Micro niche:

Another new trends on content writing is writing on micro niche . Writing haphazard on many topics can make audience confused about your contents so you can write on micro topic in 2023 and this will increase your audience engagement and reduce stress .

Affiliate writing is popular as a micro niche. You have many options for revenue in writing affiliate micro niche.

But when you write on a selective micro topic you should try to write more quality informative contents and you should be a place for expert option on this topic .

drones,skincare,personal finance these are Hot micro niche.

You can try on. Keep on eye in our blog I will write elaborately on this topic in any later episodes .

There are many updates on content writing in 2023 but few seems to me must try so these 3 contents writing trends in 2023 hopefully give you more insight to make your content more qualityful and become successful audience fan content writer in 2023.

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D1# “7 Top digital marketing trends you must know in 2023”

7 Top digital marketing trends you must know in 2023 @


Infographic of  7 digital marketing trends in 2023

7 top digital marketing trends you must know to go with flow as digital marketing changing every day. For you as a digital marketer it is must know what is trending and what can be near future trends as it will give more connection to customers network.

By researching on digital marketing trends in 2023 I found 7 top trends that you must know . So, let’s jump to that trends!

1)smart speaker:

In market there are many types smart speakers you can use them as marketing tools by adding your brands so when customer ask for suggestion on this smart speaker it can suggest you and must add your contact detail there .

In this way customer will be able to contact you manually . Most common use smart speakers such as Alexa , you can try.

According to Statista, by 2023 global smart speaker market projected to 200 million unites and it will increase in future years. Source: Statista

(Smart speaker Source: https://amzn.to/3lcW7vt)

2.voice search:

voice searching on Google or YouTube becoming more popular day by day.

Customer like to search by asking on Google or YouTube and as a marketer you should take this chance to present your brand on top in searching .

Use long tail keyword on your contents for optimizing your contents and that will give more chance to be ahead during showing in search results .

According to Google data,27% global voice search from mobile in US 58.6% consumers voice search . Source: google

3)You tube shorts:

customer like to get information in short duration and YouTube shorts is best for this. Maximum 1 minutes videos you can make to show your brands to huge customers.

But always keep in mind that all your contents should be more engaging and attractive . YouTube us one of oldest place than TikTok so , it has more reach to people and less restriction .

So you can put your contents more easily .

According to Statista, 1.5 billion people logged-in user using YouTube shorts monthly and 30 billion shorts views daily.

Source: Statista

https://youtube.com/shorts/YaCZ6uh3218?feature=share or, WWW.digitalish9.com/7-top-digital-marketing-trends-you-must-

4)Ai chatbot:

Nowadays most of the brands use Chatbot for replying customer . It gives more connection to many customers in at a same time.

During giving information to Chatbot always think about customer first So that customer can get information without any hurdles.

This Chatbot can act as a customer service assistant of your brand.

5)User generated content creation:

customer like to take part in activities like quiz,games,polls .

You can offer customer an opportunity to participate in Content creation by using your product or service and give them a gift as discount or free offer or makes a lottery and ask them to post on your website .

Thus way , you can get more customer Trustworthiness and also user who creates these contents will like to share in their network so you will get more reach with less cost.

6)Influencer marketing:

Influencer are more connected to customers by sharing their regular contents on their niche .

All influencers have solid customer base on their niche so by connecting with right influencer you can reach solid customers on your niche and it will build trust to your brands and products or services will sell automatically and your website searching will increase .

You can also use your backlink to influencer website to indirectly get more customers .

Nowadays AI helps to detect right influencer for right brands . You can try this for the best result

7)Augmented Reality in digital marketing:

Augmented reality become more popular in digital marketing . So,what is Augmented reality? It is an intersection between real world physical product and computer generated perception.

By using AR on real world product you can see how thus real world product look like when ace in this perception .

So , it will give good user experience . Many brands following thus trends such as sneakers, IKEA furniture’s.

(Sneaker Source: https://a.co/d/2Imrb )

(IKEA FURNITURE source: https://a.co/d/en5BsV8)

These 7 top digital marketing trends you must know for a successful year . AR,AI these sectors are improving daily so using these updated trends you are one step ahead on digital marketing.

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